Facts & Tips for Housing Societies to Return to Normalcy

Misconceptions about COVID-19 have led to several controversies among housing societies. A citizen-led initiative titled Bass Ab Jeetna Hai recently put out an info-graphic to tackle these misconceptions. We’ve reproduced it in this article.

Tip #1

Brief 2-3 min 'masked' interactions usually do not lead to COVID19 transmission. For example, greeting other members during an elevator ride is absolutely fine.

Tip #2

Newspapers, home deliveries and garbage pick-ups are safe.

Tip #3

Risk of transmission through a house help or a technician is only to the home they visit, and not to the neighbours.

Tip #4

A COVID19 patient in the building doesn't put others at high risk of infection without having interacted with the patient.

Tip #5

Be kind to those with COVID19 who have chosen to isolate at home. Remember that it can be you next time.